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Opposition Group Slams US Aggression on Syria

13920423000349_PhotoICome Home America, a US opposition committee, condemned the US war against Syria that started with slapping sanctions against it and then with covert support through allies and now with overt provision of arms for anti-government forces.
The committee demanded in a statement published on ”Dissident Voice” website an immediate cessation of the US bellicose policies towards Syria as ”sanctions and military intervention in Syria are not in the interests of the American people; nor are they in the interests of the Syrian people”, SANA reported Saturday.

”We are far from alone in our opposition. Fully 70% of Americans are opposed to armed intervention in Syria – a number that has only increased over the months according to Pew polls,” the statement pointed out, adding ” And yet the President and a majority in Congress favor intervention, revealing a crisis of our political institutions, which are far removed from the will of the people on this and many other issues. ”

The group which said it consists of ”traditional conservatives, progressive activists, libertarians of the Ron Paul type, old-fashioned Leftists, religious people appalled by war and non-religious who also harbor disgust over our numerous wars for over a century now,” said that any war must be defensive and a last resort, not a constant option to further the perceived interests of American elite.

”We protest our government’s actions not simply because of the specific conditions in Syria but based on general principles,” said the statement, indicating that ”The same principles would have kept us from launching the recent wars on Iraq and Libya and many others over the past century and longer.”

Scores of Americans protest US intervention in Syria

Scores of Americans protested in Oklahoma City on Friday night against the US intervention in the Syrian domestic affairs.

The protestors came from across the US political spectrum as Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives took part in the gathering.

A US website quoted Paul Wesselhoft, a Republican member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives as saying ”We do not have a political or ethical commitment to intervene in Syria, ” adding ”the American forces were depleted after a 10-year fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. ”

Director of Oklahoma Peace House, Nathaniel Batchelder said he hopes this gathering would preclude a US intervention in Syria.

Corry Williams, a Democratic member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives said ”numerous reasons stop us from intervention in Syria as we have nothing to do there,” indicating that ” we need to invest in the US domestic agenda.”

”We haven’t started a war in Syria yet, but we are about to arm one faction although we have no idea whether it is consistent with the principles of freedom,” he pointed out.

Protestors were vocal in expressing opposition to American intervention and wars worldwide.

A poll conducted recently by Fox News network revealed that the majority of Americans oppose a US intervention in Syria. 68 per cent of the voters said that the US should abstain from interference in the Syrian domestic affairs and stop backing the extremist groups there.

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