“Opposition’s Political Suicide, Failed Coup D’état”

For sure, General Wissam Al-Hasan deserved a better farewell that suited his obvious qualifications and achievements. Maybe it would have been better to settle for the equable ceremony in the Internal Security Forces’ General Directorate, rather than committing all these mistakes and taboos in one day, in the name of the martyr, As-Safir newspaper said in its editorial on Monday.

It further considered that: “What happened during the funeral of Hasan in Beirut was only the perfect recipe for political suicide. The body of the martyr was not buried yet when some of those who marched in his funeral from “Future movement” and “March 14” committed the sin.”

“While Hasan has done much, including sacrificing his own self, to secure the stability of the country, the inciting speeches and the fervent attitude in the past two days actually threatened the core of this stability, knowing that the riot has gone beyond the borders of down town and extended towards various directions by cutting the roads, spreading armed men, firing and attacking people on the streets,” the Lebanese daily added.

As it indicated that Former PM Fouad Seniora’s speech was denying any possibility for negotiations, it quoted what it referred to as leaders in the 8th of March coalition as saying that the only substitute for the government would need an agreement, and this requires dialogue not separation.

Similarly, under the headline “War of Returning to Government under Power of Weapons… The Failed Coup D’état” Al-Akhbar wrote that “PM Saad Hariri insisted that the funeral of General Wissam Al-Hasan and Ahmad Sahiouni be political and carry the slogan of “the Cedar Revolution”, but this did not stop here. The supporters of the Future Movement and his new Islamic friends took out their weapons and spread in the streets of North Lebanon, Beirut, and the Southern coast.”

“They built identity card checkpoints and clashed in most of the sectarian friction spots. When attempts to break into the government failed because of the red lines that the Lebanese and North Muftis, as well as the West drew, fighters related to the Future Movement went out of Tariq Jdide region and clashed with the Lebanese army, before violent clashes erupted in the Cola Region where the army interfered strongly to put an end to,” the Lebanese daily added.
“It seemed that the Future’s (movement) decision yesterday was close to the popular rage day: What I want or chaos,” Al-Akhbar,” considered.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Amin wrote that “the problem with March 14 is that it does not want to see the clear facts. Its fools and fanatics rush want to achieve power, which they know is not achievable except by settlement in the region,” considering that overthrowing the government was not a new thing, as this has been March 14’s goal since the first day Saad Hariri left the government.

“It is useful to tell those: It is shameful to reward Wissam Al-Hasan by returning your old files; but what is happening means one thing: narrowness in mind, thoughts, planning and imagination, as well as reading an implementing… “ Amin said.

He also wondered “What did those boys – who watch too much cartoons where the mouse turns into an elephant- think if Miqati was in the government, and they were able to break into it, burn it, and kill someone what would have happened? Did they plan to kill Miqati? At least this is what we heard them scream on the podium,” considering that “the other group’s silence was only to show respect to the deceased.”

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