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Pak Senator: Islamic awareness in region to expand further

Member of Pakistan’s Senate here Wednesday referring to ongoing developments in Arab world predicted Islamic awareness in region would further expand to other countries in Middle East.

Gol Nasib Khan added in an exclusive interview with IRNA, “The Americans used to introduce their plans for the region with the motto of the human rights and promotion of democracy, thus trying to improve their status within the public opinion of the Islamic world.”
He added, “Yet, the domino downfall of the US backed dictators and the rising wave of the Islamic awareness among the various nations have turned the hopes of the White House to despair, replacing it with feelings of hatred in the hearts of millions of Muslims.”
The Pakistani politician pointing out that the developments taking place in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have been despite the will of the westerners, adding, “The Americans had throughout the past decades been trying to exert their hegemony through the regimes that were their obedient servants, but the recent Islamic awareness movement while ousting the puppet pro-west dictators, showed the Americans that their anti-Islamic strategy in the region, too, has faced full defeat.”
The Pakistan Senate member referring to the recent remark of the Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khameneie who said in Holy Mash’had that the events in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain are sparks of a fundamental development in the region, and signs of the awareness of the Islamic Ummah (nation), reiterated, “The wave of awareness in Arabic and Islamic countries has highlighted the unjust behavior of the European countries and the United States during the past years, and the colonialist, profiteering, and oppressive policies of their allied regimes more than ever before, so that today the people in this sensitive region feel that not only the status quo of the political and social cultures do not meet their needs of the day, but also such conditions have led to their constant humiliation at the international scene as well.”
Nasib Khan referring to the influence of the Islamic Revolution on the awareness of the Islamic nations, added, “Beyond doubt the Islamic Revolution of Iran was a turning point in awareness of the Islamic world, because it managed to inject the spirit of gallantry and bravery to the oppressed nations, and increase their awareness about the policies of the oppressor powers in the region
He reiterated, “The occurrence of Islamic Revolution in fact led to the shape taking of the new Islamic awareness and from now on we must be witnesses to the intellectual reconstruction of the liberation movements as well as the Islamic movements in other Islamic countries.”
Nasib Khan further reiterating that the Islamic world awareness is indebted to the Islamic Revolution said that they both have a shared enemy called America that is after exertion of its hegemony over their geographical territory, while marginalizing the Islamic ideology, and if possible even the religion of Islam.”
He ruled out the Shi’a-Sunni theories within the Islamic world, reiterating, “The recent movements have nothing to do with Islamic schools of thought, since they are all anti-despotism and anti-neo colonialism.”

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