Pakistani protesters condemn Saudi aggression against Yemen


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government is once-again under strict criticism for supporting Saudi Arabia in its aggression against Yemen. People in the Southern port city of Karachi took to the streets to condemn the Saudi invasion of Yemen and the Pakistani government’s support.

These furious demonstrators are demanding the Nawaz-administration to step back from joining Saudi invasion of Yemen.”

Participants slammed the government for supporting Saudi Arabia while it had turned a blind eye on the sufferings of Gazans when they were bombed by Israel. Saudi Government paid the Nawaz administration 1.5 billion dollars last year that the government insists, was a gift from the Kingdom.

In a press conference, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Mulimeen also condemned the federal government for making such announcement without debating the issue in national assembly. The opposition leader Imran Khan also tweeted that Pakistan should play a lead role in bringing peace instead of joining the Saudi invasion of Yemen.

Pakistan has supported the aggression but it has so far refrained from joining the airstrikes. However, the country has announced that it will safeguard the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia.

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