Palestine third Intifada to begin soon


Hassan Hanizadeh, Middle East expert noted that the third Intifada of Palestine will form in the next three months and said, “The trip by Israeli boards to Egypt are aimed at preventing the formation of this Intifada.” And added,” These groups intend to warn Morsi and his government against any probable aid by the Islamist groups to Jihadi movements in Palestine.

He also said,” The other reason for Israeli delegations trips to Egypt, is their concerns over future changes in Syria meaning that some extremist Salafi and Wahhabi groups in Syria are fighting against Assad; therefore, possible topple of Assad might end in formation and empowerment of these groups in Syria, which is a concern for Syria.

US in pursuit of a proper substitute for Assad

This Middle East expert was also asked if Egypt, like China and Russia, will moderate its stances regarding resignation of Assad and step in line with the western countries.

He said,” Topple of Bashar al Assad is on top of the agenda for foreign forces but the point is that they are looking for a suitable substitute for him and they are not sure if topple of Assad would guarantee the security of the Zionist regime in the region.”

West concerned over formation of Taliban in Syria

He added,” US and its allies are concerned if extremist groups, like Wahhabis and Salafis, cooperate with Al Qaeda and form a new Taliban in Syria; therefore, they will wait to find a proper substitute for Assad.”

Hanizadeh also referred to the recent remarks by John Kerry, US Secretary of States, and stressed,” Kerry had stressed if US aids would reach the opposition leader and that means the stance of the western countries is a diplomatic one and would prefer carrying out Iran and Russia proposal.”

He added,” At the moment western countries imagine that a weakened government led by Bashar al Assad is better than empowerment of extremist Salafi and Wahhabi groups unless they find a trustable substitute for Assad.”

Efforts of Qatar, KSA, Turkey to block Tehran-Damascus-Beirut route

Answering a question on if the sharp stances of Egypt has moderated he said, “Egypt backs the US in this field but some Arab countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as Turkey, due to their $ 36 million fund for the opposition forces, are still after military solutions, topple of Assad, blocking Tehran-Damascus-Beirut route and also omission of Hezbollah.

Hanizadeh added, “Saudi Arabia, at the cost of standing against the US, is trying to topple Assad government with a military option and the recent changes in Iraq is the result of the failure of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in carrying out their intrigues.”

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