Palestine’s Al-Nakhala: Negotiations Just Wasted Time, Resistance Path Leads to Better Future

The Secretary General of Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziad Nakhala, said on Thursday that the long years of negotiations failed despite the fact that the balance of power was better than that currently dominating amid the normalization deals between the some Arab states and the Zionist entity.

Nakhala urged all the Palestinians to support the Resistance, confirming it is the only path which lead to a better future in Palestine.

Addressing the movement’s conference held on the Isra and Mi’raj and titled “Our Al-Quds, Not Jerusalem”, Nakhala indicated that the movement’s decision to join the PLO relies on establishing a national project and warned against turning the public elections as a transitional stage which might involve the Palestinians in a new round of fruitless negotiations.

Finally, Al-Nakhala reiterated the Islamic Jihad’s commitment to the military resistance in face of the Zionist aggression of the Paletsinians and their rights.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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