‘Palestine’s Hamas not changing stance on Israel’


The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which rules over the Gaza Strip, has unveiled a new policy document, which stipulates the acceptance of a Palestinian state consisting of territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, has given assurances that the document in no way amounts to the recognition of Israel. Back in 2006, Hamas had signed a conciliation document with other Palestinian factions that envisioned an independent State of Palestine based on the 1967 borders. Nevertheless, the group’s latest document has given rise to questions about whether Hamas has in fact distanced itself from its former policies.

Asked to comment on the issue, Palestinian activist, Raja Abdulhaq, told Press TV that the world should not interpret this measure as a U-turn or a drastic change on the part of Hamas, arguing that “Hamas, specifically after the Oslo Agreement, has many times proposed truce between Hamas, or the Palestinian resistance, and Israel on the promise [that] Israel goes back to the 1967 borders … So, in my opinion, I don’t think this is a new initiative or new policy. I think it should be seen as a new way of qualifying what Hamas has been endorsing for the past 60 years.”

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