Palestinian child loses sight by Terrorist israeli bullet


Saleh Mahmoud, an 11-year old Palestinian from the Jerusalem village of Al-Issawiyeh lost his sight after he was targeted by an Israeli soldier on Thursday.

The child’s father, Samer Mahmoud, said that his child was shot by a metal-coated rubber bullet between his nose and eyes, making his condition critical. He has so far undergone two urgent surgical operations in his left eye.

According to Mahmoud, the medical staff in the Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem informed him that his son would never see the light again. Saleh remains in the ICU and he still needs several operationsto treat fractures sustained in the skull.

Shooting his son was “unjustifiable,” the father said. Samer was just going to buy some vegetables from a nearby grocery –he was young and did not participate in the clashes taking place in the village.

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