Palestinian factions hail Beersheba stabbing attack

The Hamas Movement praised the stabbing and car-ramming operation that was carried out on Tuesday by a Palestinian young man in Beersheba City, south of 1948 occupied Palestine (Israel).

The Movement considered the incident as “a response to the policy of ethnic displacement practiced by Israel against our Palestinian people”.

Hamas confirmed that “the uprising of our people and the heroic response to the escalating terrorism of the occupation and its settlers throughout our occupied lands, the latest of which was the formation of an extremist militia targeting our people in the occupied Negev, will firmly continue.”

The group further called on the Palestinian people in the Negev, the West Bank, Jerusalem, and all occupied territories to further escalate confrontations against the occupation and its settlers.

In its turn, the Mujahideen Movement said the Beersheba operation confirms the Israeli security’s failure, considering it a natural response to the Israeli crimes.

The Resistance Committees in Palestine, for its part, said that “the heroic stabbing operation in Beersheba proves once again that our heroic Palestinian people throughout Palestine will continue their legitimate resistance till achieving victory, liberation and right of return.”

The Islamic Jihad movement also stressed that “resistance is the most effective way to confront the Israeli terrorism, considering the Beersheba operation as a natural response to the Zionist terrorism.”

Earlier Tuesday, four Israeli citizens were killed in a stabbing and car-ramming operation that was carried out by a Palestinian young man in Beersheba City, who was then killed by an armed Israeli man.

According to Israeli medical sources, three Israelis were stabbed to death. A fourth person who was riding a bike was hit by a car driven by the same young man. The incident happened at a shopping center.

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