Palestinian farmer refuses to sell his land to settlers for $15 million

Jewish settlers have recently offered $15 million to a Palestinian farmer, from the town of Khader, south of Bethlehem, to sell 18 dunums of his agricultural land located within Efrat settlement.

The farmer Ibrahim Suleiman Sabih, 44, confirmed that he had received an offer from an Israeli official responsible for “Absentee land in Israel”, where he offered to buy the land for ten million dollars. The official later raised the amount to fifteen million dollars.

Sabih told Quds Press that the settlers, for their part, offered to swap his land for another outside the boundaries of the settlement and offered him money, stressing his rejection to all these offers.

Sabih added that the settlers, protected by Israeli occupation authorities, constructed housing units inside his land and pumped wastewater on its trees in an attempt to force him to leave the region.

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