Palestinian Prisoners Announce Hunger Strike in Ofer

Palestinian prisoners at Ofer detention center announced on Tuesday they were going on an open-ended hunger strike a day after IOF carried out a fierce crackdown on the prison cells, injuring about 100 Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoners’ committee of the of Islamic and National Powers in Gaza said that many prisoners are the victims of Israeli attacks and medical negligence in prisons.

“These Israeli attacks against the Palestinian prisoners won’t break the Palestinian prisoners’ will and persistence,” the committee stated.

The committee also warned of a Palestinian Intifada (uprising) across the Israeli prisons due to the aggressive policies committed by the Israeli Prison Service.

It also revealed that the first step to be followed in the prisoners’ combat program in Ofer is returning back meals, noting that more steps “are yet to come.”

For his part, Hamas lawmaker, Moshir al-Masri commented on the latest developments.

“If the occupation declared a war on prisoners, we’ll declare a war from our side,” al-Masri said.

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