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Palestinian Prisoners Movement: Ready for “Battle of Dignity”

The Palestinian Prisoners Movement announced on Thursday readiness to launch the “battle of dignity” in face of continued Israeli suppression campaigns against Palestinian prisoners.


The movement announced that the prisoners will take part in a hunger strike planned for April 7 in a bid to restore their rights, calling prisoners for a wide participation in the strike and Palestinian people to unite and support their affair.

“As prisoners in the Israeli jails we realize the seriousness and sensitivity of the situation… But revolutionary positions are taken in exceptional conditions.”

“We are going ahead (with the strike) to preserve our dignity and lives,” the movement said in the statement adding: “Our dignity is not open to negotiation.”

For the past week, Israeli occupation forces have launched a large-scale campaign of suppression against Palestinian prisoners in the Ketziot prison in the Naqab region, known in Hebrew as the Negev.

The developments come in the context of increased tensions at the Naqab prison over the past month. According to Palestinian prisoners’ rights sources, some 22 Palestinians held in the prison were fined by the prison service on Wednesday and banned from family visits in the wake of the latest raid.

In February, Israeli authorities placed cell signal jamming devices in the prison to prevent prisoners from using smuggled phones – often the only means for them to stay in contact with their families.

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