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Palestinian Resistance Vows Response to Zionist Crime of Executing Youth in Nablus

The various factions of the Palestinian resistance vowed to respond to the Zionist crime of executing the young man Ammar Mufleh in Nablus amid a popular rage and strike across the martyr’s hometown of Hawara.

In this context, the Palestinian resistance fighters clashed with Zionist occupation forces in various towns of West Bank at avenge martyr Mufleh executed Friday by an Israeli cop in Nablus.

An Israeli soldier carried out Friday a horrible crime of executing a Palestinian young man in Hawara town, southern Nablus.

A circulated video documented the Israeli crime and showed how the enemy’s soldier failed to arrest the Palestinian youth, gunning him down immediately. The Palestinian youth tried to confront the Israeli soldier who lost control over his rifle before using a gun to commit the crime.

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