Palestinian traitors working for Nazi-Israel deserve death

images Ghetto Warsaw, the Gestapo employed a significant number of local Jewish agents who informed on life inside the Ghetto. The information these agents conveyed to the Nazi authorities led to the brutal murder and liquidation of many innocent people.

Many of these agents and informers, including members of the Judenrate (Jewish councils) were subsequently assassinated and summarily executed. Very few Jews if any expressed sympathy or sorrow for the fate these Nazi agents eventually met.

Their corpses were often left to rot in the streets and ghetto dwellers voiced enthusiastic support for the liquidation of the traitors. This fact is meticulously recorded in the personal memories of some holocaust survivors.

Now, the shipyard dogs of the Zio-Nazi Hasbara machine – from Tel Aviv to California- are vociferously fulminating against Hamas, the Palestinian-Islamic liberation movement, resisting the Judeo-Nazis, for executing a number of informers in the course of the ongoing genocidal Zio-Nazi onslaught in Gaza. The ultimate purpose of the Judeo Nazis is by no means drawing sympathy for the executed traitors. It is rather deflecting attention away from the pornographic Judeo-Nazi crimes in Gaza and tarnishing Hamas’s image.

The Judeo-Nazi mouthpieces cry out: Hamas is murdering innocent people! Hamas is doing this and Hamas is doing that.

First of all, the Judeo-Nazis are the real Nazis of our time. They have absolutely no right whatsoever to open their mouths or complain about violence and murder.

Murder, including mass murder, has always been and continues to be a Jewish trademark. Jews indulged in mass murder from the very inception of their so-called “national existence.” The Judeo-Nazi state, aka Israel, was born and baptized in mass terror and mass murder (e.g. Deir Yasin). Israel can be honestly described as a gigantic war crime or crime against humanity.

Executing traitors is utmost moral act

Like traitors everywhere, Israel’s Palestinian informers don’t just inform their handlers on the current prices of vegetables in Gaza. They actually convey information to the Judeo Nazi enemy that lead to the murder of thousands of children and other civilians. They are not only instrumental to murder. They are actually full partners in murder. Thus any effort to mitigate or extenuate their crimes, by invoking human rights and the right to life, etc., is an unconscionable behavior that spells moral dishonesty.

I am absolutely against hurting or harming an innocent person. However, in this context where our people are trying to survive by dying, there is simply no room for giving these murderous thugs the benefit of the doubt. Even the mere contemplation of working for the Judeo-Nazis against one’s people is a gigantic crime of treason. That is why these stray dogs ought to be exterminated rather unapologetically.

These evil murderers are simply scum, vermin and dirty animals that ought to be eliminated, once and for all. They murder, expedite or affect the murder of innocent people for a few dollars. Is it not a huge moral burden to let these thugs remain alive?

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