Palestinians prevent demolition of Akkari’s home


Local residents managed today to prevent the execution of an Israeli demolition order against the house of Ibrahim Akkari, the man who rammed his car into a group of settlers near a light rail station in occupied Jerusalem.

Jerusalemite sources confirmed that hundreds of youths in Shuafat refugee camp closed all roads leading to Akkari’s home with burning tires in light of the heavy presence of Israeli forces who encircled the house in an attempt to storm it.

Ibrahim Akkari was killed by Israeli security men after running over a group of settlers near a light rail station in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. An Israeli settler died during the incident while 13 others were injured.

Violent clashes erupted late yesterday between Israeli forces and local youths in the camp as Israeli forces tried to implement the demolition order. The youths threw stones and used fireworks during the clashes, forcing the troops out of the camp.

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