Peaceful Change Forces Delegation: Solution for Syria Is through Dialogue without Preconditions

Member of the Presidency of the opposition Popular Front for Change and Liberation, Qadri Jamil, stressed that the only solution to the crisis in Syria is the peaceful solution through dialogue.

Speaking at a press conference in Moscow following talks with Russian officials among a delegation of the opposition Peaceful Change Forces Coalition, Jamil said dialogue cannot start with preconditions, but should be based on the principle of rejecting foreign intervention and violence, stressing that all the Syrian national forces should participate in the dialogue.

”We agreed with Lavrov that dialogue must start immediately and that humanitarian aid to the Syrian people must broaden,” Jamil said, considering Russia a historic friend of the Syrian people.

Jamil noted that the stance of the imperialist West has not changed towards the crisis in Syria as it supports foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

Asked whether he could answer an invitation by the Doha Conference in case he received one, Jamil said he “We accept dialogue with anyone, but the Doha Conference had been cooked in advance and those who attended it went to sign ready-made documents…If we were invited we wouldn’t go,” reiterating that the external opposition forces work on bringing foreign interference in Syria.

Answering a question on the US designation of Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group, Jamil said ”Our experience with the US administration have made us distrustful, for the armed terrorist groups receive orders and support from the West…I can also sense hypocrisy in their stance…Why did they list only Jabhat al-Nusra? They want to turn it into a pretext for a US direct interference in the Syrian internal affairs.”

Jamil considered that the U.S. recognition of the ‘Doha Coalition’ undermines the basics of democracy and confiscates the Syrian people’s right to self-determination.

He considered that by taking this move Washington grants legitimacy to forces that have no actual presence inside Syria and do not represent the Syrian people, who are the ones to give the real credentials to those whom they choose as their representatives.

For his part, Representative of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party to the Coalition, Tareq al-Ahmad, said the West has tried to black out the national opposition forces and made up an opposition which it has promoted to be invested in realizing private interests of its own.

”The Peaceful Change Forces have laid out an exit plan for getting out of the crisis through dialogue on the basis of rejecting foreign interference,” Al-Ahmad added.

He indicated that ”The Syrian national opposition rejects the classification of Syrians as majority and minority…We seek a transparent democracy and reject the confessional discourse of the Doha coalition.”

Member of the opposition Peaceful Change Path Movement, Fateh Jamous, called upon all Syrian intellectuals and national forces to form a front to face the Turkish intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

”We wanted the Russians, the Chinese and the BRICS countries to erase the negative consequences of the West and the US policies towards Syria, and they are doing their duty based on their respect for the international law and the world peace,” Jamous said, indicating that the delegation proposed the idea of forming a democratic national work team comprising political and popular forces to confront the crisis in Syria.

Jamous said that the US designation of Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group had to be followed by a US stance on the Muslim Brotherhood that is notorious for the most heinous crimes in the world.

Mazen Bilal, Member of the Secular Democratic Movement, pointed to the seriousness of the Russian Foreign Ministry in dealing with the crisis in Syria, stressing that the Russian stance on Syria has not changed and Russia believes that it is up to the Syrian people to determine their own future.

”We want to create political environment through dialogue that will isolate terrorists and extremists, so that we can get out of the crisis,” Bilal said.

For his part, Sami Beitenjeneh, from the Third Way Movement, stressed that the solution in Syria is political, calling upon Western powers who are offering support to the armed terrorist group to stop this.

Jamil: Russian Stance Is Now Firmer than Ever

Earlier, Jamil told SANA correspondent in Moscow that talks of the delegation of the opposition Peaceful Change Forces Coalition with Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed on agreeing on not allowing further delay of dialogue in Syria and speeding it up.

“We agreed that dialogue should not be further delayed because further delay means continuing the bloodshed and destruction of Syria,” said Jamil, reiterating that dialogue is the only way out of the crisis.

He added that talks also highlighted the need for supporting the Syrian people with relief and humanitarian aid under the unfair siege imposed by the imperialist West on Syria.

He noted that the Russian friends have expressed their readiness to do what is necessary to go ahead in this direction.

Jamil asserted that the Russian stance towards the crisis in Syria has not changed, and it is firm regarding preventing the direct foreign intervention in Syria and allowing the Syrian people to decide their destiny by themselves concerning the political structure in Syria.

He also affirmed Russia’s stance on dismissing violence as an impermissible means to solve the internal issues.

“As far as I can personally see, the Russian stance towards Syria is now firmer than ever,” Jamil told SANA correspondent, stressing that he has felt no change in Moscow’s stance after his meeting with the Russian Foreign Ministry officials for the fourth time.

“Situation in the world has changed, and the Libyan scenario can’t be repeated in Syria,” said Jamil, adding that there are no differences with Russia concerning the assessment of the situation in Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Lavrov’s Talks with opposition Peaceful Change Forces Coalition Stressed Need to End Violence

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed with a delegation of the opposition Peaceful Change Forces Coalition, head by Dr. Qadri Jamil, the current situation in Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the talks stressed the need to end violence and move towards the political process in accordance with Geneva statement.

According to the statement, Jamil stressed the readiness of the Coalition to start an immediate dialogue with all factions of Syrian opposition that are interested in starting dialogue with the Syrian government as to reach a political solution for the current situation.

“Conditions are ripe for such dialogue that has to lead to deep political change in a modern and democratic Syria,” Jamil said.

The Russian side stressed Moscow’s readiness to contribute in all means to holding a Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the aim of reaching a solution to the crisis in Syria.

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