People Condemn US Military Presence in Southern Yemen



The Yemeni people poured to the streets in Hajja province on Wednesday to protest at the US deployment in their country.

The protesters in the city of Mastaba in Hajja province called for the exit of the US soldiers from Lahij province.

Meantime, the Council for the Unity of Yemeni Tribes in a statement condemned the US military presence in Southern Yemen.

“The presence of the US forces in Yemen is a provocative move and violation of all international laws and charters,” part of the statement read.

The council asked the Yemeni people to continue their protests to confront the US occupying forces that have no intention to create stability and peace in Yemen.

Also, Yemen’s al-Haq Party in a statement announced that all political figures and Yemeni people oppose the occupation of their country by the US troops and warned against the negative consequences of the move.

On Sunday, Ansarullah Movement’s Spokesman Mohammad Abdulsalam strongly condemned the US for dispatching its military servicemen to a military base in Lahij province in Southern Yemen.

“The presence of the US soldiers in Yemen is blatant violation of Yemen’s national sovereignty,” Ansarullah Movement’s Spokesman Mohammad Abdulsalam wrote on his Twitter account and in reaction to the deployment of the US troops in Southern Yemen.

He underlined that the Ansarullah movement condemns the US deployment in Southern Yemen.

Abdulsalam underlined that the occupying forces should leave Yemen and take their military hardware with them.

“When we declared that Al-Qaeda and the ISIL are present in the Southern parts of Yemen and the Yemeni army should take the responsibility to confront them, (fugitive President) Mansour Hadi and Riyadh denied the same; now who is going to be accountable,” Ansarullah spokesman said.

Also on Saturday, Ansarullah in a statement condemned the US deployment in the Southern parts of Yemen.

“This action is in line with Washington’s colonial goals and is blatant aggression against Yemen,” part of the statement read.

The statement reiterated that the Yemeni people irrespective of their political inclinations are against the US troops’ deployment in their country.

“The UN and world countries should not remain silent about the US military intervention in Yemen,” it added.

The statement described the US redeployment of special forces in Southern Yemen a dangerous move at a time when political efforts and peace talks are underway in Kuwait for putting an end to war and suffering of the Yemeni people

Ansarullah’s statement came after the US Army deployed 100 special forces in Southern Yemen.

The Pentagon said Friday that it sent the US special operations forces back to Yemen to provide training and assistance to an Arab coalition to allegedly fight al Qaeda militants in the fractured country.

The US troops with full military equipment have been stationed in al-And military base in Southern Yemen.

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