People of Turkey and Turkish Govern. don’t think the same on Syria

People of Turkey oppose war in Syria
A political analyst says the people of Turkey are against war in Syria and oppose the involvement of the Turkish government in the ongoing crisis in their neighboring state.

Syrian rebels
“The Turkish people know what it is like for their country to be invaded. Back in the time of Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk], the Greeks and the Russians and everyone attacked their country trying to dismember it like what is [currently] happening to Syria,” Randy Short said.

He added that the Turkish people as well as intellectuals and human rights activists have realized that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government is violating international principles by aiding the militants in Syria.

“Right now their head of state as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar — which are attacking the people in Syria — are war criminals and they need to be treated as such and so the people of Turkey are to be commended that they are showing solidarity with the heroic people of Syria who do not want to be a proxy state under the thumb of the imperialist powers,” the analyst noted.

Short further pointed out that the Turkish prime minister is willing to destroy his country’s relationship with its Muslim brothers in Syria in order to be “an honorary toady to the people in the European Union.”

“Turkey had just come out of a lot of economic problems that was in before, but it has plunged itself into the possibility of re-igniting a civil war as well as to become hostile with a country that would be made a failed state if these Jihadist [and] Salafist killers somehow take state power in Syria, that would destroy Turkey,” Short concluded.

The Syria crisis began in mid-March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

Damascus says that the chaos is being orchestrated from outside the country, and there are reports that a large number of militants are foreign nationals.

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