People’s Assembly: Arab League’s Resolution on Syria Constitutes Clear Violation of Its Charter

During a session chaired by Speaker Mahmoud al-Abrash, the People’s Assembly on Sunday denounced the Arab League’s resolution on Syria, affirming that it constitutes a clear violation of the Arab League’s charter and internal regulations and entails blatant interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

Members of the People’s Assembly decried this resolution which is unjust to Syria and its people who sacrificed much for the Arab nation and its causes, saying that the Arab League has become a tool for carrying out suspect foreign plots in a clear effort to fragment the Arab nation and undermine its components.

They affirmed that Syria is being targeted because of its national stances in support of Arab causes and rights and resistance and its rejection of foreign dictations, saying that the people behind this resolution aren’t interested in reform or the Syrian people’s interest; rather they seek to stroke Syria and its stances.

The members said that the resolution contains serious repercussions on the internal levels that will escalate violence and forgo reason and dialogue which the Syrian leadership called for, wondering why the Arab League didn’t act on what is happening in Palestine and why it never suspended the membership of countries that host Israeli embassies against their people’s will.

They affirmed that the Syrian people will rally behind its leadership and adhere to its just cause, and that the people’s reaction to the resolution on Saturday shows its awareness of the threats against Syria.

The members stressed the need for the People’s Assembly to act quickly to clarify the truth of what is happening and presenting Syria’s viewpoint in a transparent and rational matter and take initiative to find a way to deal with the current situation and emerge from the crisis.

They noted that the Arab League’s decision to impose political and economic sanctions was pre-prepared in order to eventually lead to foreign interference.

The members called for continuing the comprehensive reform program and pursuing national dialogue, especially with the opposition figures who reject foreign interference, in addition to strengthening the role of media in showing the reality of what is happening and relaying the Syrian people’s rejection of conspiracies to world public opinion.

They also lauded the role of the Syrian army in defending the country and citizens from armed terrorist groups, calling for providing moral and financial support to it, adhering to national unity, and rallying to confront the plots against Syria, adding that what the Arab League’s resolution said about the Syrian army constitutes blatant interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The Assembly then referred the members’ written questions to the proper authorities through the Prime Ministry.

The session was adjourned until 6:00 PM on Monday.

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