Perpetrators Behind Martyrdom of 2 IRGC Forces killed in Southeastern Iran

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps in an intelligence operation managed to identify the perpetrators who martyred two IRGC members in Southeastern Iran last week, and killed the two in an exchange of fire.

The infamous villain Mehrab Shahbakhsh and two of his accomplices who were behind the martyrdom of two IRGC forces in Sistan-and-Balouchestan were identified and killed by IRGC forces in exchange of fire during a chase and hunt operation.

The IRGC Ground Force announced in a statement on Sunday that two of tis members had been martyred in clashes with armed outlaws in Zahedan City, the provincial capital of Sistan-and-Balouchestan province in Southeastern Iran on Saturday night.

“Mehran Shourizadeh and Mohsen Kaykhaa’i lost their lives on duty the night before in the Southeastern city of Zahedan, the statement said on Sunday. 

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