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Photo- 3 terrorists corpses reveal the Bakery Blast in Syria by terrorists. Here the 5 Evidences

Islamic-cloth zionist Media once again misinform the whole people about the bakery blast in Syria. Here we prove that the blast was by terrorists in Syria as usual. Look at the photo carefully:

1- When you look carefully you will understand that the blast is not by a Plane. Everyone knows when a plane bomb the scene is completely different from the one here.
2- It can be understood from the burn that it is a blast inside the bakery.
3- If Syrian Army bombed the bakery then why it is not collapsed?
4- Why the corpses are not cut into pieces?
5- Why 3 Al- Qaida terrorists’ corpses are among the corpses? Because the blast just came after they tried to enter bakery with the bombs. And the civilians who are taken as hostages also died with them.
Here this photo talks everything about the real face of terrorists who are behind any Syria’s massacre. THE INTERESTING POINT IS THAT HOW ALL MEDIA LOOSE THIS PHOTO SCENE?

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