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Photo-Syrians Condem zio-U.S-backed Terrorist Attacks

A huge gathering of citizens on Friday flocked to Saba’ Bahrat Square in the capital Damascus in condemnation of the two terrorist attacks which targeted the State Security Directorate and another Security Branch in the city and the sabotage and criminal operations committed by the armed terrorist groups.

Mass gatherings of people were held in the districts of Qudssaya, March 8, al-Qteifeh, Tal Mneen, Adra and al-Nashabiyeh in Damascus Countryside in condemnation of the terrorist attacks.

The crowds expressed rejection of these terrorist acts, urging the Syrian people to stand united against the conspiracies and vicious schemes and foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

They denounced the terrorist bombings and stressed adherence to national unity and the comprehensive reform program.

The participants raised the national flags and banners condemning the terrorist acts committed by armed terrorist groups, stressing that such acts prove the failure of the schemes aimed at undermining Syria’s role in the region.

They also hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian army in confronting terrorism which targets army members and civilians.

Crowds of people of the southern province of Sweida streamed into al-Shu’leh Square expressing denunciation of the terrorist attacks in Damascus and their rejection of attempts at foreign interference in the internal affairs of the Syrian people.

The participants voiced rejection of attempts to incite sedition and readiness to sacrifice their dearest in defense of the homeland, stressing that Syria will remain strong in the face of conspiracies and schemes.

Meanwhile, citizens of Tal Tamr city in Hasaka province, northeastern Syria, gathered in Adnan al-Maliki Square in condemnation of the terrorist attacks and in expression of their support to the reforms taking place in Syria under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

The participants lashed out at the terrorist attacks in Damascus, voicing rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

Expressing their denouncement of and anger at the terrorist attacks in the capital, masses of the citizens of al-Safsafeh area in the coastal province of Tartous gathered in the Municipality square to stress determination to confront the conspiracy targeting their homeland.

The participants reiterated commitment to the sovereignty and independence of the Syrian leadership and rejection of foreign meddling in their country’s affairs.

People of Lattakia province, Syrian coast, gathered in large numbers outside the Governorate’s building to voice their condemnation of the terrorist operations in Damascus and support to Syria’s independent national decision.

In the southern province of Daraa, crowds of citizens gathered in the roundabout near the Post to express denunciation of the terrorist attacks and rejection of foreign interference in their homeland.

Citizens of Aleppo streamed into Saadallah al-Jaberi Square to stress their strong condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Damascus and commitment to national unity in the face of the conspiracy.

They emphasized the unity of the Syrian people, voicing support to the comprehensive reform program and the independent national decision.

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