Photos- From Imam Reza Shrine: Never Humiliated


Since the first days of the hijri month of Muharram, people from Iran and abroad started their pilgrimage to the Shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth descendant of Imam Ali (AS).

On the day of Ashura, since early morning and despite the rain and cold weather, the groups of ‘hey’at’ [the Persian name for associations usually including friends and neighbours that are established to pay condolences on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS)].

Each ‘hey’at’ forms a group of people who repeat chants and lament the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS). These are called ‘dasteh’. The chants they repeat vary; some about Imam Hussein (AS) and his household, others addressing direct speech to Imam Reza (AS) paying him condolence on this painful memory.

Sara says she has come from Bahrain to commemorate the tragic memory in the shrine. “It is a painful memory indeed.. but it has taught us that those who are just should not surrender, just like our case in Bahrain. We are being killed and tortured and our fault is peaceful protests and expressing our demand of rights and freedoms.”

Siddiqeh, an Iranian national, for her part said if it were not for Imam Hussein (AS) and the lesson of Karbala, there would have been no Islamic Revolution, and no overthrow of the autocratic government that suppressed the people.

“We learned from Imam Hussein that blood is louder and stronger than the sword, and that is the secret to real and long term victory.”

As for Jawad, he asserted that no power in this world can abolish history, no matter what.

“Mourners in Kashmir were beaten just for calling out the name of Imam Hussein in the street. In Bahrain as well, there was violence. But this path will continue until the just triumphs over the unjust.”

That is the heritage Imam Hussein (AS) left to all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs alike. It is the school of justice, freedom and right raised everyday in all aspects of life, and that is the core of humanity.




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