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Plot to isolate Iran carries heavy cost for US: Iran President Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani says Washington’s fresh attempts to isolate Iran will “carry a heavy cost” for the US, and that the Iranian nation will stand even more resilient in the face of such plots.

“The Americans claim that they want to break off the bridges connecting Iran with the world, but they will never reach that goal,” Rouhani said at a Tuesday meeting with Iranian expatriates in Vienna, Austria. “They are not the world’s absolute power.”

In the past, whenever the US would try to stage a plot against the Iranian nation, it could convince a part of the world to follow suit, but evidently that is not the case in today’s world, where Washington has little support in its hostile stance against Iran, Rouhani said.

The president cited the case of the US withdrawal from the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal, saying only “a handful of countries” have approved of the move.

Under the current circumstances, Rouhani added, international bodies, including the United Nations Security Council and the European Union as well as an absolute majority of world nations, are on Iran’s side.

Rouhani further said that “this situation makes the US confrontation with Iran very costly, and that the Islamic Republic of Iran, too, is determined to negate the Americans’ plots as it always has, since their positions are illogical, illegal, tyrannical, and against international commitments and the UN Security Council’s resolutions.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addresses Iranian expatriates in the Austrian capital, Vienna, July 3, 2018.

Israel, the US, and some other countries, he said, have always sought to either weaken or break off Iran’s ties with the world and promote Iranophobia.

“At the current historical juncture, the new US rulers consider themselves as being superior not only to Iran, but also to our entire region, Muslims and, essentially, all non-Americans,” Rouhani said.

The US authorities have even attested to this in their own statements, he said, adding that they have adopted an approach, which diametrically contravenes international regulations and obligations.

The US opposition today is not simply aimed at the Iran deal, said Rouhani, noting that Washington has also withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council, confronted its own allies at the Group of Seven, and acted against the Palestinian nation and other Muslim peoples.

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