Police foiled attempts by groups to infiltrate into Iran



Law Enforcement Commander Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari said police has so far foiled attempts by Takfiri, Salafid and anti-revolutionary groups to infiltrate into the country.

Given the insecure situation in some countries close to Iranian borders, he said the police shoulders ever heavier responsibilities now to safeguard the security of borders and safety of people.

He underlined police force’s heavy duty to protect the country against the terrorist groups that intended to violate the security of Iranian borders.

Earlier, the Brigadier General had underlined that there has been no report on the movements and penetration of Daesh (the ISIS) Takfiri terrorists to Iran.

“Although we have clashes with the Takfiri terrorists along the borders, but they have not penetrated into our borders,” Brigadier General Ashtari told reporters.

He reiterated that in addition to physical presence along all key border regions, the police and security forces are monitoring all movements along borders with all electronic equipment and facilities.

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