Popular Uprising against FSA Occupiers Reported in Northeastern Syria


A large number of people in the town of al-Bab in Northeastern Aleppo poured into the streets and called for expulsion of Turkish Army troops and their allied militants on Saturday night.

People in al-Bab took to the streets last night and called for exit of Syria’s Tahrir Front affiliated to the Ankara-backed forces from their region and also called for release of civilians captured by the occupiers.

The Ankara forces’ brutalities, looting and infighting have angered people in the region, a local source reported.

Earlier this month, Hawar news quoted local sources in the village of Qabasin in al-Bab region in Northern Aleppo as reporting that the Turkey-backed terrorists were looting civilians’ possessions and assets.

The sources told Hawar news that the Ankara forces were forcing people in al-Bab to leave their houses to find enough room to shelter their own members, enraging people in al-Bab who were calling for expulsion of terrorists from their town.

In the meantime, the Turkey-backed forces arrested and killed a number of civilians in the region or called for a hefty amount of money as their ransom.

Hawar news further warned that infighting among Ankara-backed terrorists and looting people’s assets were underway in the town of Afrin.

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