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POSTERS: Leader’s advices and key notes of Imam’s meeting with Erdogan

We consider the security of Turkey and its borders to be our security. You [Turkey] should also consider Syria’s security to be your own security. Syria’s issues should be settled through negotiations. Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Russia should settle these issues through dialogue.

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The dignity and greatness of the Islamic Nation depend on moving past differences in taste and maintaining vigilance in the face of divisive policies. One of the factors that creates discord and hostility in the region is the usurping Zionist Regime, which is backed by the US.

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Syria’s territorial integrity is crucial. A military attack on Syria would be harmful to Syria, harmful to Turkey, and harmful to the region, and it would be to the benefit of the terrorists.

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Palestine is the world of Islam’s top issue. Despite certain governments’ interest in the Zionist regime, nations totally oppose this usurper. Today, neither the Zionist regime nor the US can prevent Palestinians’ profound movement and it will end to the benefit of the Palestinians.

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