President al-Assad: Palestinian rights will remain priority for Syria

bashar-assad_1979565cPresident Bashar al-Assad on Monday affirmed that the vicious attack targeting Syria will not change its pan-Arab principles.

Meeting Abbas Zaki, the personal envoy of the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, President al-Assad asserted that the central nature of the Palestinian cause and adherence to the legitimate historic rights of the Palestinian people will remain priority for Syria.

The President noted that the current events in Syria didn’t change the attitude of the Syrian people towards their Palestinian brothers in Syria; rather the events increased their solidarity and cohesion in the face of the terrorist attacks that target them alike.

For his part, Zaki said that the Palestinian people support Syria in the face of the aggression targeting it, adding that targeting Syria is the same as targeting the Arab nation, because the attempts to deplete the resources of the Syrian people and army is part of a larger plan which seeks to divide the countries of the region and weakens them to serve Israel’s interests.

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