President al-Assad participates celebration of Prophet Moahammad’s birthday at Sa’ad bin Mo’az Mosque in Damascus

President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday participated in a religious celebration on the occasion of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday which was held at Sa’ad bin Mou’az mosque in Damascus.

The President performed al-Maghreb prayer, led by Sheikh, Abdul-Fatah al-Bozom, Mufti of Damascus.

Endowment Minister, Mohammed Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed, referred to the great meanings of this noble anniversary and to the Prophet’s life that forms a role example to follow by humanity and his mercy that came for the humanity with his virtues and ethics.

The Minister talked about the martyrdom values represented by many Syrian Arab Army personnel and scholars, the latest of them was martyr Mohammed Adnan al-Afyouni ,the late Mufti of Damascus and its countryside, the martyr of the true word  ,as the takfiri terrorists tried to silence his national voice ,but rather he will stay in the method of Syria’s scholars.

He added that Syria has preserved its sovereignty and people’s dignity and defended its soil by the national army that protected the beliefs and achieved the interests of people, along with its leader who protected the country by his wisdom and being close to his people through inspecting the houses of martyrs, injuries and those who were affected by fires as he listened to elders and kids alike.

The Minister concluded “ We refuse dealing with Islam as goods in the transactions of cheap political market between Macron and Erdogan ,stressing that abusing the dignified prophet is an offense to 2 billion Muslims around the world, adding that Islam is not represented by Muslim Brotherhood or Wahhabism ; rather it is inside the hearts of millions of mankind.

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