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President Aoun on Army Day Stresses Lebanon to Defend Itself against ‘israeli’ Attacks

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Saturday emphasized that Lebanon will defend itself against any Israeli attack pointing that the country has four enemies.

“Israel has been increasingly violating Resolution 1701 and repeating its attacks on Lebanon. While stressing our keenness on abiding by this Resolution and resolving the disputed issues under the U.N.’s sponsorship, we are also committed to defending ourselves as well as our land, water and sovereignty and there will be no leniency in that,” Aoun said in a speech marking Army Day.

Turning to the domestic situations, Aoun said Lebanon has “four enemies.” “The first enemy of Lebanon is the corruption that is rampant in institutions and in a lot of mentalities. It is fighting fiercely, but the steps towards eradicating it are ongoing firmly albeit slowly,” the president said.

He added that the second enemy is “those who tamper with citizens’ food security to accumulate profit,” the third is “those who contribute to undermining our national currency to amass money” and the fourth is “those who launch rumors to spread despair” and those who “roam the world inciting against their country and people and trying to block any assistance from them.”

Aoun also slammed those who have “opened fire at all rescue attempts” and those who “evaded responsibility amid the crisis.”

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