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President Assad: Latest Plot Against Syria Aims at Ending Syrian Leadership, Anti-’’Israel’’ Resistance

The latest developments in the region, one country at a time, reached the Syrian territories, in some schemed riots that took place in Daraa city.
Syrian officials hurried to tackle the riots which seemed to be caused by external triggers, and then promised with reforms that would enhance the situation of the people.

The Syrian government presented its resignation on Tuesday, hoping for better developments that would meet the people’s demands.
Following the governmental resignation, Syrian President Bashar Assad said he will address the people of his country as soon as possible.

In his awaited speech which he delivered in the Syrian Parliament addressing his nation, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that he is proud of the Syria people, adding that what is happening is testing their firm unity. He referring that this test is being repeated due to the conspiracies schemed against the country.

Furthermore, Syrian President affirmed that the enemy is working everyday in a very organized mechanism to sabotage the stability in Syria. “We are sorry that there were victims. Our enemies are working to continuously hit the stability of Syria”, Assad stated.
In addition to that, President Assad noted, “What happened of events in the region enhances the Syrian view, where it expresses the Arab nations’ view and the popular marginalized situation for decades before”.

He affirmed, “Our foreign policy has been based on a decision to hold onto rights and defend the Arab resistance.”
In this context, President Assad said, “We believe and hope that the latest developments would support the Palestinian cause”.
Assad went on saying that Syria is being targeted by a big scheme that is mainly based on developments in the Arab world, which he said Syria is not isolated from them.

On this level, he referred that not all those who resorted to the streets are conspirators.
“The hypothetical defeat of Syria that was a goal in 2005 and failed due to the popular awareness, and the defeat cannot happen again”, Bashar Assad assured.
Syria President clarified that the objective behind the latest plot against Syria is aimed at ending its leadership of the resistance against “Israel”.

On the level of reforms conducted by the Syrian government, starting with its resignation, Bashar Assad pointed out, “We did not do these reforms because of strife or because of the protests or pressure, otherwise that would be weakness, but rather these the people’s rights, and the only pressure we felt was the pressure of trust, responsibility, national and popular unprecedented awareness”.

“The relation between a nation and the people is not pressure; it is the needs of the society, and even though we were late, but we want reform”, he added.
“I reiterate these reforms do not affect strife, the sole solution to strife is popular awareness”, President Assad reaffirmed.
Syrian President Bashar Assad said that his country, since the year 2000 and until 2008, lived in a state of constant pressure and changed its priorities, where the major priority became Syria’s stability, and the second priority is the living conditions of the people.

Assad indicated the importance of unity, saying “We should consolidate popular awareness which protects Syria”, referring that the people of Daraa will contain the minorities that sought to create chaos.

He affirmed that Daraa, although it is a borderline country, but it is Syrian, and its people are responsible when it comes to confronting and tackling what happened.
Bashar Assad reiterated, regarding the reforms, that most of the Procedures of Reforms will be declared on Thursday.

“The conspiracy is huge, and we do not aim at entering in conflict, but in case it was proclaimed against us then we will not stand by and watch”, the Syrian President addressed the Syrian people from the Parliament.
President Assad says he will remain in service of his country and his people, and Syria will remain the Syria of resistance; protecting and embracing it.

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