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President Assad: “Syria, Being a resistant country, doesn’t need to take revenge


Media sources have reported President Assad as saying that Syria: “is totally able to vent the fury of both its people and allies by firing some rockets on Israel in response of the attack, but Syria does realize that Israel doesn’t aim at a war. And if we take a similar step, it will be a one-for-one procedure; International situation doesn’t give a space for a new war that both Israel and USA do not hope for. This way the revenge will be tactical; however we aim at a strategic revenge through opening the door for resistance and turning all of Syria to a resistant country.”

Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper, reported President Assad’s visitors: “after Israel’s raid, we do believe that we are fighting the enemy and its militants on our land.”

Visitors also added that President Assad showed comfort and confidence in Hezbollah for its rationalism, loyalty and steadfastness: “and that’s why we decided to give it everything, we started to sense the unity between us for the first time, and that it is not only an ally that we support. Accordingly, we decided to assimilate Hezbollah in its resistant struggle for the sake of Syria and future generations.”

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