Pro-government protest in front of Iranian embassy in London



Pro Iranian-government demonstrators on Sunday gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in London to condemn counter revolutionary groups activities and show their support for the Supreme Leader  of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People  Sayyed Imam Ali Khamenei.

Dozens of protesters carrying Iranian flag and images of the Iranian Leader, expressed their anger at a few supporters of the terrorist group “Mujahedeen Khalq Organization” (MKO) who had gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in London a couple of days ago.

“We are behind our Supreme Leader”, “Long Live Khamanei”, and “Down with MKO”, were some of the slogans chanted by the demonstrators.

They also condemned foreign interventions in support of the recent riots in Iran.

The developments in Iran began with criticism of economic hardships in a peaceful protest. Later it evolved into violent riots due to foreign interventions. The US officials, including President Donald Trump, rushed to provoke the protesters by tweeting, commenting in media and asking for UN Security Council emergency meeting.

‘The US seems to have forgotten that they shot down our aircraft in 1988 which killed hundreds of Iranians on board. New US President Donald Trump also imposed a ban on Iranians avoiding them from entering US territories. How do they expect us to believe their sympathy? We do not want US support,’ Farhad, one of the demonstrators, told IRNA correspondent in London.

This was the first show of strength and solidarity with the Iranian Islamic Revolution after the last week unrest broke out in Iran.


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