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Pro-government rallies in Venezuela after week of protests


Saturday in Venezuela saw pro-government marches dedicated to ‘Love and Peace’, which represented a vital show of support for President Maduro’s beleaguered government.
The red-clad “chavistas”, as Hugo Chavez’s faithful are known in Venezuela, took to the streets to show their continuing support for the country’s Bolivarian Revolution. Despite the country’s problems, the demonstrators retain their faith in their socialist government, and promoted peace following days of violence which saw three deaths in the capital. Friday night saw the latest in a series of anti-government protests in the opposition-strong east of Caracas. Fires were lit by masked protestors in the streets and tear gas was used by the riot police to combat the burgeoning violence. Bystanders at the pro-government march on Saturday spoke of the need for calm within the country. The demonstrations on both sides of Venezuela’s political equation are the largest President Maduro’s government has witnessed since he took office almost one year ago. Following days of opposition protests, today’s march is the much-needed show of support for President Maduro’s government. Venezuela can only hope things don’t take a violent turn again and that no more lives are lost.

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