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Proposal to solve Syria Crisis in NAM summit;a new committee including Iran, Egypt and Venezuela

Chairman of Iran’s Shura Council’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Alaeddin Boroujerdi announced that a proposal was presented to form a committee which includes Iran, Egypt and Venezuela to resolve the crisis in Syria, adding that the three countries are members in the Non-Aligned Movement.

“Syria’s issue is internal.. though some organizations like the OIC have suspended Syria membership, but any change in the reality didn’t happen,” Boroujerdi said in a statement on Monday.

On the role of NAM conference to resolve the crisis in Syria, Boroujerdi added “there are proposals to make use of the possibilities of the member states to resolve the crisis.”

He underlined that the situations in Syria are stable in contrary to what is being broadcast by a number of western media, saying that the Syrian government has control on all aggravated regions like Aleppo.

As for the Iranian abducted citizens in Syria, Boroujerdi denied rumors about their killing, considering such rumors as a psychological war by some western media to pass “special goals.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry: NAM Summit Provides Important Opportunity for Resolving Crisis in Syria

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesmen Ramin Mehmanparast affirmed that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit due to be held on August 30-31 in Tehran provides an important opportunity to resolve crises around the world, including the Syrian crisis, away from western interference.

In a statement, Mehmanparast said that the NAM member countries have reached an agreement regarding the majority of the articles in the draft closing statement of the summit, which he considered an indicator to them agreeing to resolve crises through mutual action without western interference.

He said that member countries agreed that they must take steps and work for reaching political solutions and preventing foreign interference and unilateral steps by the US and its allies, adding that meetings on the sideline of the summit resulted in forming a liaison group to communicate with the Syrian government and the opposition to reach a solution.

Mehmanparast noted that the sideline of the Tehran summit presents a chance for exchanging viewpoints and bringing them closer on the basis of the six-point plan, which would help reach a mechanism for ending violence and meeting the aspirations of the Syrians through a democratic process.

He pointed out that Iran and countries that share its efforts to achieve a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis seek peace, contrary to some major powers and regional countries that claim to defend the Syrian people while at the same time they send weapons to terrorists.

Mehmanparast explained that the draft closing statement includes three articles, with the first covering international issues of interest to all countries such as defending sovereignty, rejecting occupation, the issues of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and Latin America.

He said that Iran wishes to make use of its presidency of the NAM to benefit from all members’ viewpoints to achieve development and economic cooperation through a global administration adopting peace, justice, respecting human rights, and rejecting occupation and hegemony, adding that this should be done with the participation of all independent and capable countries within the NAM movement which encompasses 120 member countries and 17 observer countries, making it the second largest bloc of countries after the UN.

Mehmanparast pointed out that the NAM seeks to change the structure of how the world is run to achieve noble goals, including the reform of the UN which suffers security issues and whose structure is no longer valid.

On the western efforts to downplay the Tehran summit and to prevent some sides, countries and personalities from participating in it, Mehmanparast said the considerable participation in this summit represents a failure of western pressure against Tehran and attempts to isolate it.

He stressed that the Iranian people turned the western embargo into an opportunity to achieve progress and prosperity, making Iran a role model for countries who seek independence, noting that so far, 50 countries announced their participation in the NAM summit on the summit level, in addition to 30 foreign ministers, which marks a big political and diplomatic success for Tehran.

Russian President’s Special Envoy: NAM Summit in Tehran will be Positive Step to Solve Syrian Crisis

The Russian President’s Special Envoy, Konstantin Shuvalov said that the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit due to be held in Tehran on Thursday and Friday will be a positive step to solve the crisis in Syria through cooperation among the participating countries.

Shuvalov, who arrived in Tehran on Monday to take part in the Summit’s meetings, stressed in a statement to the Iranian News Agency (Mehr) the importance of the summit and the necessity of finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis, adding there is hope that the foreign ministers and leaders of NAM member countries would adopt decisions that would find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

He said that the message he carried from the Russian president included important topics as the Non-Aligned Movement has an influential role in addressing international issues , calling upon member countries to work on solving current crises and the importance that they be true allies.

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