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Protests continue in Yemen amid political disputes

They claim that Saleh remnants are deleberetly trying to stir-up chaos, in order to sabotage the power of transition process, they also accuse them of robing the country and the people of their wealth.

As protest continue nationwide, much expectation is placed on the upcoming national dialogue to solve much of the disputes which still exist in the country; as in the south Yemeni separatist continue to take to the streets calling for an independent southern state, and while in the north of the country the Houthi movement continue to condemn the unity government for not bringing an end to the continuous foreign meddling.

Supporters of the national dialogue have called on the dialogue committee to be just and sincere so that all factions of Yemen can partake in dialouge including the youth protesters.

As political parties gear-up for the upcoming national dialogue, conflict within the government and mainly in the army continue to erupt throughout the country. The latest series of clashes took place Tuesday in the Republican Palace of al Mukala, which resulted in the death of two armed force personal.

PTC-Protesters here say they are determined to reach revolution’s goals which many youth protesters sacrificed their lives for. The army reconstruction and the revolt of the Ali Saleh immunity law are two of the main demands which opposition continually take to the streets for.

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