Qaouk: Attack on Syria Aim at Changing Strategic Regional Equation

The Deputy Chairman of Hizbullah’s Executive Council His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk stressed that “what Syria is facing today is related to drawing the future of the region, its coming equations, and the nature of the “Israeli”-Arab conflict.”

He further confirmed that “those who gathered in July 2006 to bring down the resistance gathered today to topple the steadfast Syrian regime.”
Noting that “the case in Syria is not the issue of reforms,” His Eminence pointed out that “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has completed all the required reforms as we no longer hear from the Arab League or from the Syrian opposition any statement about the required reforms.”

“The attack on Syria is related to changing the strategic equation in the region,” Sheikh Qauok viewed.
In this context, he regretted that the Arab oil states are spending their oil money on firing the strife in Syria rather than spending it in reconstructing Gaza Strip or arming the Palestinian people.
“The smell of the Arab oil is fragranced from the raging fires in Syria,” His Eminence asserted adding that “the Arabs have reached a dead end after the failure of all their plans starting from calls for reform, passing through upholding to AL’s and Security Council’s decisions and reaching the calls for protecting civilians in Syria.”

The Deputy Chairman of Hizbullah’s Executive Council also highlighted that those who embroiled themselves in the Syrian quagmire started today searching for political concessions resembled by exits for their crisis.
“Those who raised slogans of sovereignty and independence and “Lebanon First” emblem are those who involved Lebanon to be part of the aggression against Syria,” Qaouk said stressing that “there are geographic areas in which daggers are used to stab Syria.”

Acknowledging that “some Lebanese forces wanted to turn the country to a safe passage for the Syrian militants and not a safe passage for displaced people,” His Eminence noted that “these forces supervise the smuggling of arms and the infiltration of insurgents.”
“They incite and finance and are now part of the war waged on Syria with the support of US embassy,” Sheikh Qaouk concluded.

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