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Quran master lauds Leader’s support for Quranic activities


Renowned Egyptian Quran reciter Ahmad Mohammad Basiuni describes Imam Khamenei’s special attention to Quranic activities as unique among leaders of the Muslim world.

“Since the leadership of Imam Khamenei Islamic and Quranic activities has greatly increased and Iran placed particular focus on the spread of Islamic values,” Basiuni told IQNA.

Imam Ali Khamenei was elected as the new Leader of the Islamic Revolution by the Assembly of Experts in 1989 after the late Imam Khomeini.

He added that holding Quranic contests and Islamic conferences, supporting Quran reciters, memorizers and activists and forming NGOs and charity societies for preserving and promoting Quranic concepts on a global scale under the patronage and moral support of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution indicates that Iranian society is based upon the Quran.

Basiuni, who first traveled to Iran in 1989, said that I was deeply affected to see Imam Khamenei shedding tears while the Quran was being recited. “I could clearly see the light of the Quran on his face,” he went on to add.

Elsewhere in his remarks the Egyptian Quran master termed Leader’s stance against enemies, who have gone all-out to prevent the spread of Islam, as strong saying that despite enemy propaganda, which seeks to demonize Iran and show it as a supporter of terrorism, Iran has invariably tried to bring unity into the Muslim world.

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