Rabid dog Israeli forces forcibly remove wounded Palestinian man from ambulance: video

Palestinian Health Minister May al-Keela condemned the zionist Israeli forces for forcing their way on an ambulance belonging to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, and their attempt to arrest a wounded person it was carrying.

“The world saw in video how the occupation soldiers stormed an ambulance by force of arms, trying to arrest one of the injured, without regard to his health condition,” she said.

“The attack took place without any respect for international humanitarian law, which stipulates respect and protection for medical personnel, ambulances and medical facilities, and to ensure that medical personnel are not exposed to any danger or be injured in any harm,” she continued.

“The law also stipulates that hospitals or ambulances should not be attacked, and no harm will be caused to them,” Al-Keela added.

A video showed the moment a number of Israeli soldiers stormed an ambulance carrying a wounded Palestinian youth and tried to pull him from the vehicle by force, but the ambulance officers prevented them from doing so.

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