Rabid Dog Netanyahu Admits Israeli Forces Operating in Syria



Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted for the first time on Tuesday that occupation troops are operating in Syria against the Syrian national military and alliances.

“We occasionally carry out operations in Syria to prevent that country from becoming a front against us,” Netanyahu told reporters during a visit to northern occupied Palestine.

“We also do everything to prevent weapons, particularly lethal ones, being moved from Syria to Lebanon,” he added.

Netanyahu did not provide further details and his comments were the first public recognition that the Zionist entity has been active in the Syrian civil war.

The occupation military carried out several raids over the Syrian territories during the last four years, one of which targeted a Hezbollah convoy in Quneitra border area with Lebanon, killing six Hezbollah fighters, as well as an Iranian commander.

Hezbollah retaliated after leass than 10 days by attacking a Zionist military 9-vehicle convoy in occupied Shabaa Farms, killing two soldiers and injuring several others.

Russia, an ally of the Syrian government, launched an air campaign against the armed groups in late September, which is estimated to last four months.

On Sunday, Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said a Russian warplane had recently entered Zionist-controlled airspace from Syria but the intrusion was resolved without incident.

“It was apparently an error by the pilot who was flying near the Golan,” Yaalon said, justifying the Zionist desire not to open any dispute with the Russian administration.

Moreover, Yaalon said the Zionist entity and Russia had made arrangements to avoid clashes over Syria, with the agreement claimed to include a “hotline” and information sharing.

Netanyahu echoed his comments on Tuesday, saying the Zionist and Russian military forces “are in close coordination to avoid such incidents”.

The Zionist entity seized most of the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967 and later annexed the territory in a move never recognized by the international community

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