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Rabid zionist forces raid West Bank, detain 11 Palestinians

In addition to extensive attacks on various areas of the West Bank on Monday, Zionist regime’s forces arrested 11 Palestinians without any charges.

The series of hostile actions of Zionists against Palestinian citizens still continue in the occupied lands and territories. Zionist military forces attacked various parts of the occupied West Bank, Palestine Al-Youm reported.

According to the report, a fierce clash broke out between Palestinians and civilians following large-scale attacks launched by Zionist regime’s forces on city of Nablus. The news media reported that the Zionists have used war bullets against the Palestinians.

According to eyewitnesses, Zionist forces detained 11 Palestinians without any charge during an attack on the West Bank. The hostile actions of the Zionists against Palestinians still continue at the condition that Palestinian Resistance groups have previously issued a statement warning of the provocative actions of the Zionist regime.

“We warn the Zionist enemy that our hand is still on the trigger,” the group said in a statement.

The Palestinian resistance groups also stated that Palestinians, especially in the West Bank, should increase the level of their conflict with this aggressor regime in response to the repeated crimes of Zionists.

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