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Racist US cop murder pushes COVID-19 off front page. ‘Normal’ is back

The rallying cry of all these idiots through this pandemic is that we have to get back to “normal.” Everyone has to get back to normal. States have to reopen economies have to reopen.

We have to get back to normal! Well, here we are, the first week of normal, you have this racist pig kneeling on a black man’s neck in front of everyone in broad daylight, recorded on audio and video for all to see in one of the most racist cop departments, white supremacist infested nests in a very racist country.

And you have the incident in Central Park with Becky with calling the cops on a black man and I’m gonna… you can’t make me put my dog on a leash because I’ll call the cops and tell them a black man threatened me.

And that’s it. Here we are, back to normal. And then you have Trump — Trump, a complete pig. I mean, there is no defending this loser who says they’re thugs! And ‘when the looting starts the shooting starts’ – just inflammatory sick, violent rhetoric designed and guaranteed to inflame racial hatred.

So then you have Obama, come back out of the woodwork, this man who did nothing but front for white supremacy for eight years, right. Didn’t do anything about Eric Garner, about Philandro Castile, about Sandy Brown, about John Crawford, about Trayvon Martin, aside from saying, ‘Oh he could have been my son,’ yeah well, you know what? Your multi-millionaire children are not wandering around in neighborhoods at night. It’s not about you.

And all of a sudden he has a lot to say. Really? Where have you been? Now it’s an election year and you want to make some points for this cracker weak-ass candidate, the worst, worst possible candidate that Obama handpicked. He handpicked him, eight years ago and he handpicked him this year, to be the face of Democrats, Joe Biden, the author of that repulsive, racist murderous 1995 Crime Bill that Clinton thought was so wonderful.

Joe Biden should never open his mouth, without first apologizing to the black community, over and over and over again for that touchstone of mass incarceration, the foundation of Jim Crow 2.0.

It is repulsive that these people would try to make hay out of this thing, and to try to lay it all at Trump’s feet again. I have no love for this racist jerk. But seriously? A leader in the Patrolman’s union is a member of this racist Hells Angels or whatever, you know, Klan white supremacist biker gang within the Minneapolis Police Department.

This guy – I won’t say his name, because they refuse to say the names of our people who are killed. This cop — some cop who had been called out many times for similar disturbances. He worked with this guy that he killed, that he murdered in broad daylight. He worked with him at a nightclub. He was outside. George Floyd was inside working security. That’s not murder three. There’s something really weird about that. Really strange coincidence that you kill a former coworker. Sounds suspicious to me.

This is normal in this shithole country, a return to the fascism that George Jackson said, in 1970, for the black community at home, and for the vast majority of the global south had already arrived 50 years ago.

It’s not about Trump, and you’re not gonna vote your way out of this shitty system. Wake up. We’re stuck with this. And when we come out of our masks and our blinders to the new normal, guess what? It’s looking a lot like the old normal. And there is a reckoning. Because people are pissed off. And they won’t take it much longer.

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