Rajab Temporarily Free to Bid Farewell to Deceased Mother

The funeral of Rajab’s mother in Manama was transformed to a political march that raised anti-regime slogans, and criticized the regime that has been holding Rajab for two months now after having sentenced him to three years in prison for his “freedom of expression”.

The Bahraini activist was seen raising his hand in a victory sign, and witnesses said he requested other activists to do the same as a challenge to the regime.

“Raise the victory signs, tell them we are firm,” Rajab was quoted as saying, as thousands of Bahrainis marched in Friday’s funeral.

Bahrain’s public prosecution had permitted activists Nabil Rajab, as well as the deceased’s brother Mohammad Jawad Brois to attend the funeral and consolation for three days, on condition that they return to the prison in the evening.

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