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Ramadan the holy month of Purification and sacrifice

Ramadan the holy month of Purification and sacrifice


Ramadan is one of the religious festivals of the Islamic community that is widely celebrated all over the world. Although this festival includes fasting and sacrifice, yet the Muslims celebrate this occasion with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. There are fireworks, lights, decorations and feasts (once the daily fast gets over) that make this festival a joyous celebration.

Importance of Ramadan in Islam

Ramadan includes fasting which is the third pillar of all the five pillars of Islam. This means that the fasting during Ramadan is one of the five most basic beliefs or acts that a Muslim is supposed to do. Fasting in Islam is considered to be a means of practicing self-control. It is also considered to be a way of experiencing what hunger is all about, sympathizing with the poor and the needy, and thanking god for everything you have received in life.

An important part of Ramadan festival is offering gifts in the form of Zakat which means giving away one’s wealth to charity. The Zakat is one of the essential pillars of Islam. The concept of Zakat is to purify one’s wealth by giving a part of it to people who aren’t blessed by god.

Importance of Ramadan to Muslims

Ramadan is the time for offering intense prayers to god. During this month, Muslims try to read the Quran, the holy scripture of Islam, as much as possible. They may also visit the mosque to listen to the recitation of the Quran.

The last 10 days of Ramadan are special because during this time, the Muslims indulge in intense prayers with the belief that they’ll get closer to Allah because of their good deeds, sacrifices, and devotion.

According to Quran, known as the Lailat ul-Qadr or the Night of Power is in the month of Ramadan, is actually considered to be auspicious than any other night. So, the Muslims spend almost this entire night in prayers.


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