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Regional states should stop sectarian clashes

Regional states should stop sectarian clashes
Speaker of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly said the regional states are responsible for preventing sectarian and religious clashes.

According to IRIB, speaker of the Iranian Majlis Ali Larijani on Sunday noted that the recent allegations of the Turkish foreign minister against Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah are unreal and false and added: “If the regional states intend to have a positive role together with assuming responsibility, they should hinder sectarian and religious skirmishes rather than igniting fire.
Elaborating on Turkey’s wrong analysis in conflicting with Syria, the Iranian top legislator said, “If the calculations of the intervening states in Syria have been wrong after two years, they shouldn’t impose the costs on Iran and Hezbollah.”
The Iranian parliament speaker underlined the permanent stance of the Islamic republic on Syria as resolving the crisis through negotiations and remarked: “Sending of arms for terrorists in Syria is just a kind of fomenting fire and aggravating crisis in the region; and it won’t help strengthen democracy in Syria.”

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