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Religious minorities faction slams Canada-drafted anti-Iran human rights resolution

Representatives of Iranian religious minorities at the Parliament have condemned a United Nations human rights resolution against Iran as “inherently politicized” and a “tool to exert pressure” on the Islamic Republic.

In a statement on Sunday, representatives of Iranian religious minorities at the Parliament said the Canada-drafted UN resolution against Iran, although seemingly about human rights, is inherently a political statement and serves as a tool to exert pressure on Iran.

On November 15, the United Nations adopted a Canada-drafted human rights resolution against Iran with 84 votes in favor, 30 against and 66 in abstention out of a total number of 182 countries participating in the vote.

The representatives of Iranian religious minorities at the Parliament strongly condemned the resolution for its instrumental use of fundamental human rights concepts and described it as a one-sided and biased approach with double standards aimed at isolating Iran in the international arena.

The MPs further called on Iran’s diplomatic apparatus to voice its objection against the resolution in a clearer and more effective manner, and work with benevolent countries to neutralize such anti-Iran plots as devised by the US, Israeli regime and their allies.

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