Report From Lattakia-Turkish Border by Hussein Mortada

Turkish Border – Based on accurate information received, the Syrian Arab Army targeted a convoy of Armed Terrorists advancing from the Turkish border as they headed toward “Kesab” in the Northern Countryside of Lattakia, destroying a number of the vehicles, including the ammunition and killing the Terrorists travelling within ..

Nabaa Al-Mur – Clashes on the outskirts of “Nabaa Al-Mur”, which is a deep Valley surrounded by hills, located on the road connecting “Kesab” and the Turkish border, while Kesab overlooks the hills of Nabaa Al-Mur where Syrian Forces monitor and track any movements of the Armed Terrorist groups ..

Jabal Al-Nasr – The axis of “Jabal Al-Nasr” hills also overlook “Nabaa Al-Mur”, which the Syrian Arab Army dominates and monitors large areas from ..

Point 45 – Considered the most strategic point in the countryside of Lattakia, which is the main goal of the Armed Mercenaries who continue to launch the attacks that have failed thanks to our very brave Troops who are defending the area fiercely, and exterminating any Terrorists who attempt to infiltrate ..

Al-Samra – Clashes in the Vicinity of “Al-Samra” as Syrian Forces pursue Armed Terrorists ..

The Terrorists attacked some hills devoid of any civilian or Military presence for the Media win … – J

Journalist Hussein Mortada

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