Report: Turkey Providing Help to ISIL Terrorists Fighting in Libya


A Turkish hospital in Istanbul admitted four ISIL commanders, who were wounded in military operations in Libya, media reports said. The Libyan intelligence and security sources disclosed that four ISIL commander named Mohammad Sasi Al-Fallah, Emad Al-Ayoub, Ahmad Yahya and Salim Balaou have been dispatched to Turkey for treatment, the Al-Dastour news agency reported.

The four ISIL commanders were reportedly wounded in clashes with the Libyan army in the city of Sirte.

Libya has become a scene of clashes between the foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists and the Libyan army.

Libya is caught up in a conflict involving two rival governments — an internationally recognized one based in Eastern Libya and a rival administration set up in Tripoli after an armed faction called Libya Dawn took over the capital.

Most foreign governments closed their embassies and pulled their staff out of Tripoli after fighting between the rival factions erupted last summer.

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