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Reports indicate explosion in S Saudi Arabia

Activists on Twitter in Saudi Arabia reported an explosion in the Khamis Mushait area in the south of the country.

Al Khabar al-Yemeni announced today that a huge explosion took place last night in the Khamis Mushait area in southern Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Twitter activists also reported that loud explosions were heard in the Khamis Mushait area of Asir province in southern Saudi Arabia. They said the blasts followed drone strikes by the Yemeni army.

Official sources have not yet confirmed the blast.

King Khalid Air Base is located in the Khamis Mushait area, which has been repeatedly targeted by Yemeni forces.

In response to the continuing attacks and siege of the Saudi coalition against their country, the Yemeni army targeted Abha and Jeddah airports in Saudi Arabia in drone strikes on Monday.

It was the fifth drone strike by the Yemeni army on Abha Airport in southern Saudi Arabia in the past week

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