Researcher develops generator capable of producing heat and electricity simultaneously

IMG12175216A researcher has developed higher-efficiency generator capable of producing heat and electricity simultaneously.
Vahdi Noei Aqaei – project manager and designer – told Mehr News that given the implementation of real prices of energy carriers, energy consumption and production policy should be adopted to minimize the energy loss in industry, agriculture, and household utilities.

“The government supports operation of generators to simultaneously generate heat and electricity to minimize energy loss,” he said. “In line with domestic potentials, through modification of air turbine engines, we designed and developed a generator which produces 1 mWh of electricity and 1.5 mWh of heat simultaneously,” the designer added.

“CHPs incorporated in gas turbines are generators of heat and electricity which increase the energy efficiency up to 80 per cent, and decreasing the energy loss,” said Aqaei.

He also added that this technology would meet the country’s demand for smaller turbines with higher efficiency in oil, gas, and power plant industries. “If replaced the older turbines of the NIOC which are exported, these turbines would save 900 m cubic meters of natural gas,” he said.

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